Updated Web GL to v.31 but the sprite stretch glitch is still there!

This update again brings the game in line with the stand alone version minus the sprite stretching bug? Haven't been able to find out the cause yet.

Whats new!?

- Main menu improvements

- Card Art (its mine and its kind of crummy XD)

- Animation improvements for bandits and the player

- Slime Lord Elite fight changes: Slime lord can now: summon more slimes, buff other slimes , debuff the player with 3 stacks of slime and rebuff osmosis stacks. (Osmosis now buffs the dead slimes strength and dex properly).

- Combat UI text for: damage, buffs and debuffs.

- Visual particle effects for: getting damaged , damaging enemies and enemies dying.

- Particle effects for the game play level in the background.

Whats next!?

- The ability to go back to main menu without dying! (so basic should've been there ages ago)

- The game will continue if you manage to defeat Obradin!

- The Golem elite fight will be improved. 

- New cards (AOE attacks)

- And other improvements

- UI improvements


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Mar 12, 2019

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