One new Trinket , though Trinket update is still coming...

I made one new trinket!

Last night I was drawing this clock with a frame but then Inkscape crashed and I lost it! So I went to sleep and drew it the next day.

This Trinket is called Pendulum its effect occurs only if the player uses their right-most card or left-most card in order depending on which way the Pendulum is swinging.

I updated the tool tips in the game to have scroll able text but all tool tips get destroyed when you exit a an image where a tool-tip might appear. You can click such places to make the tool-tips locked and not destroy.  But if you highlight another object that does tool-tips well it does destroy, I think its not that great a fix but it will do for now.

Artifact Effect: Once per combat. If the Pendulum is swinging to the right play your right most card , if its swinging left play your left most card. Increment the counter if you do this. Once the counter has reached 4 activate the Pendulum. Reduces all cards in your hands cost by 1.

About Text for Artifact: An antique Pendulum Clock , the swinging of its weighted metal hand seems to have some temporal effect that under the right conditions make the user move quicker. Perhaps also ageing the user slightly.


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