Survival rouge-lite  card battler inspired by Slay the Spire , I made this for fun!

Please give me feedback and suggestions :) ! Please note ensure hard ware acceleration where possible is ticked for optimal performance HOWEVER if you find you can't watch videos online i.e. on Youtube its because this option is ticked usually I think.

Stand alone Build: Removed for Now

Web GL Build: is inline at version .35 Companions partly finished update.

Brings the Cleric Companion into the game , Brings a few more trinkets and some  more new cards as well bug fixes (as well as some new bugs!) added Tutorial too.

RoadMap(Next Updates)

-  Finish Companions general update add more cards for Cleric Class i.e. they still use fighter cards for them most part

- Add More enemies

- Add Consumable items

- Add Several floors

- Then Prototype is Fully featured in Theory rest is Polish and Content

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